7 healthy ingredients to heal your hangover

The weekend is passing and we’re betting that you have a hangover. It’s always the same: you feel like you are dying, and normally we stretch for a pain killer and a fry up to help us out.

But seeing as it’s only February and we are still in the head space of ‘new year, new me’, we thought we’d share some healthy secrets for curing those hangovers.

1. Eggs. Skip the bacon and hash browns and you’ve got yourself a healthy hangover snack!tumblr_ndwl2gxHVx1rcqnnxo1_500

2. Asparagus. You may cure your hangover but your wee will smell…oregon-cats-3

3. Ginger. The food, not Ron Weasley.tumblr_na4qk5BqP91tylntdo2_500

4. Coffee. Remember to drink it with your pinky up, just like what Harry would do.giphy

5. Tomato juice. Nothing like hair of the dog and a bloody Mary to cure a hangover.giphy

6. Bananas. We aren’t sure about this one…giphy

7. Coconut water. We do imagine it would be refreshing.giphy

Tweet us @maximumpop next Sunday morning and let us know if any of these work for you. If we don’t hear from you we will assume it is okay to go ahead and mail you a pain killer.

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