5SOS Updates: 5SOS get new jobs selling their album in Target stores.

Poppy (@itspoppytho) from @FiveSOSUpdates fills us in on all the gossip from the cray cray world of 5 Seconds of Summer. 

Target had 4 new employees recently named Herbet, Oscar, Daniel and, well, Ashley. (Very original Ashton…)

5SOS put on some target work uniforms, some bad American accents and they were ready to sell their album to the store customers, phew imagine if you were served by them!


The boys grabbed as many of their albums that they could possibly fit in their hands and tried to sell them to random strangers. Poor unsuspecting members of the public would ask the boys where to find things and they would point them into the direction of their album. Nice one!

They also went around recommending the album and telling them where the stack of CDs were.

Ashton also went walking around singing Amnesia… I’m sure that didn’t bring attention to him at all!

Luke was the one who got caught asking if one of the band members was him and he tried very hard to deny it. “No no, that’s not me, he’s awful.”

What, just like your band “sucks” Luke?


After trying to tell people to buy their album they soon gave up and started putting it in peoples trolleys, baskets, next to them and they even ran up and put it on the back of the check out when people were buying things!  Luke put one CD  next to a little girl and she just pushed it away… Guess she didn’t like the album much boys.

When they finished they grabbed all the CDs they could and bought them… Some fans have bought 6 albums and people thought that was a lot! Guess not!


If I spotted 5SOS trying to sell albums I would ask how much it’d cost to buy an album and a Michael Clifford…

I’m sure we can expect more crazy outings from 5SOS soon!

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