The best 5SOS Tumblr posts – almost as funny as the boys themselves!

We just love Tumblr. It’s like the second best website ever (because y’know… there’s one more slightly more awesome… :P) and we love to reblog about our favourite bands. So much so, that we’ve decided to share our favourite 5SOS posts with you. Aren’t we kind?

5sos tumblr 22

Excuse you, Luke, please don’t hate on our fave band. Thanks.

5sos tumblr 21

The best way to deal with this kind of situation! We salute this fan.

5sos tumblr 20

Pretty much. Unless it’s fetus, Luke doesn’t have a lip ring.

5sos tumblr 19

The accuracy.

5sos tumblr 18

We find this both funny and cute.

5sos tumblr 17


The fault in our band.

5sos tumblr 16

Thanks for the feels.

5sos tumblr 15

Every Calum girl in existence will relate to this.

5sos tumblr 14

We bet Ashton has nightmares about “the shirt”.

5sos tumblr 13

And they manage to be adorable throughout it all.

5sos tumblr 12

Follow us, pls, Mikey.

5sos tumblr 11

What. Is. This.

5sos tumblr 10You never know. We could be cuddled up on Michael’s sofa in his man cave right now as we write this and he’s stalking our Twitter. He doesn’t follow because it’ll be too obvious.

5sos tumblr 9

At least he’s honest!

5sos tumblr 8

We genuinely don’t know if this has destroyed or improved our childhood memories of this show.

5sos tumblr 7

Fame has really changed Michael. He looks like Tom Cruise.

5sos tumblr 6

This is gold.

5sos tumblr 5


5sos tumblr 4

We want Luke cuddles, now. Well, we always have but particularly now.

5sos tumblr 2

You’ll always be punk rock to us, boys. But not to iTunes…
5sos tumblr 1

We’d sell our soul for this. 5sos tumblrTHE TRUTH HAS BEEN SPOKEN!

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? We love Tumblr so much.

Have you found any funny 5SOS Tumblr posts we should know about? Tweet us @maximumpop and follow us on Tumblr. Ta, babes.

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