To kiss or not to kiss? 5SOS on first dates

To kiss or not to kiss – that is the question, posed not by Shakespeare but cheeky pop-rockers 5 Seconds of Summer.

Ashton Irwin

The boys spoke to Dolly Magazine Australia recently about their first date etiquette and this is what they had to say.

Who’s going to make the first move, then?

20-year old hottie, Ashton Irwin, said: “It’s a kiss on the cheek from me.”

Michael Clifford appears somewhat circumspect and cautious: “I give them a big hug and then wait to see what she does next.”

While Calum Hood, in classic Prince Charming mode, said: “It depends how the date goes, I think. If I really like a girl, I probably wouldn’t kiss her on the first date.”

And, needless to say, Luke Hemmings, goes in for the kill every time: “It’d be a full-on smooch for me, definitely. For every date!”

All members of 5 Seconds of Summer are currently single, not because of some management-imposed girlfriend ban (which makes for a great story but probably not all likely considering how boys are).

Luke Hemmings

Luke had said in another interview that there is no ban but just a hectic work schedule.

“We are never in the same place long enough to have a steady relationship. Maybe if we lived somewhere for more than a few weeks, I’d consider it.”

It’s alright, we can wait.

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