7 things 5SOS absolutely need to do in 2015

2014 was one hell of a year for our Aussie babes, 5 Seconds of Summer. What they accomplished and achieved makes a list longer than our arms and legs combined! As they all say “new year, new start” so we have a list of things the 5SOS lads need to do this year.

  1. Go to ASDA and prank customers a la Target

5sos target

Can you imagine the boys going into ASDA to put their albums into trolleys? Us British folk are a bit different to Americans and we feel the need to see the face of a grumpy old man when Michael Clifford directs him to the CD isle instead of to the meat freezers.

2. Be interviewed by Alan Carr

alan carr

Now you’ve all seen the One Direction interviews with funny man Alan and if you’re from the UK, you’ve been treated to many more of the hysterical Q&As, so we really want to see 5SOS sitting on the bright orange sofa with Mr Carr making them laugh until they cry.

3. See the return of 5SOS vs Food

5sos vs food

We’re still eagerly waiting for the next episode and it’s been over a year. We think they should continue it in the UK and do it at Red Hot World Buffet  where their eyes will be bigger than their bellies. Trust us, we know.

4. Get Madame Tussauds mannequins made 

5sos 1

Although our goals for 2015 is to meet 4/4 and get cute selfies with them, we would like to know that the opportunity is there to pop to Madame Tussauds as and when we feel like for a cheeky snog and picture with our faves.

5. Release 5SOS scented pillows


No more fragrances. We smell like The Perfume Shop! Let’s kick it up a notch – let’s get pillows which smell of each member’s signature after shave. Don’t lie- you want it, we want it, they probably want it for when they go back home to the land of Oz and spend a few days away from each other. It just makes sense.

6.  Star in an episode of Total Wipeout 5SOS wipeout

Do we need to elaborate on why this must happen? It’ll be hilarious. Think of all the memes and GIFs that could come of it.

7.  Release a DVD full of old Twitcams, fetus 5SOS videos and concert footage

We would basically lock ourselves in our room with snacks and just spend the entire day watching it as we drown in feels.

5sos fetus gif

There you have it- things 5SOS need to do in 2015. Have we missed anything vital that they should do? Pop a comment below.

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