21 times Louis Tomlinson made us say hot daym in 2015 and caused millions of people to question their sexuality!

There’s no doubt about it that Louis Tomlinson is one of the hottest, most handsome men out there and he certainly made us say HOT DAYM many times in 2015.

tumblr_inline_nb1v8iuhmx1qdzpzb1. The cheekbones, the hair, the pout – everything about this makes us feel very overwhelmed.


2. How is it fair that a person can look this good whilst advertising perfume?tumblr_nr16wxndcW1snjhjdo2_540

3. Does he even realise what he’s doing to us?tumblr_nr16wxndcW1snjhjdo8_500

4. Judge Louis definitely made us feel like we were being burned alive.


5. Hopefully everyone who met Louis in Dubai last year knows how fortunate they are.tumblr_nmc794wu0Q1r50o10o1_r1_500

6.  This day made us cry so much, you have no idea. Also, you can’t judge us for letting our gaze stray a bit south.Louis-DRFC-2

7. We want to personally thank Niall Horan for blessing us with this picture of Louis and his perfect tongue.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 4.45.13 PM

8. He looks like he’s on a fashion shoot, but really he’s just on stage in Australia.


9. His profile alone is so hot.

10. How can a confused Louis still be hotter than our freshly made tea?


11. We’re sure he made some people question their sexuality right then.tumblr_nvy99sLMuf1tda4nso1_500

12. Do you see those little droplets of water/sweat? AHHH!!!


13. Nobody comes close to this fine specimen of a man.louis-tomlinson-where-do-broken-hearts-go-1

14. Imagine having him as your personal trainer, you’d be ready for a 5k in a week.tumblr_ns8n70q78S1uylay7o1_500

15. Cat Tommo is not supposed to be so arousing.louis-tomlinson-cat-james-corden-4

16. We’ve never loved dodgeball more.tumblr_nodh3tmWUu1s7ub7eo4_250

17. This is his “I’ll make your panties drop” look.

giphy18. We’re sorry, but we just couldn’t resist putting this one here.


19. No, this is not a throwback, this is actual 2015 Louis wearing glasses.tumblr_nl2cb8mSJs1qh00hvo4_250

20. Why is he so hot when he’s just sitting there?5c7a994f-a767-48ee-89a8-527eab8ad3f1

21. And we’ll leave you with this double trouble.



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