1D announce new single, Steal My Girl – IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING.

It feels like forever since You & I came out as a single. Now the boys are back and we are so bloody excited, we are gonna partaaay! And when we say partying we mean spend all day (and probably all night) on Tumblr reblogging the best 1D GIFs while listening to all three previous albums + Fireproof on repeat. Be jel.

Yesterday was a lovely, quiet day until suddenly Liam Payne decided to freak us out by announcing the single on Twitter. SUNDAYS ARE MEANT TO BE CHILL DAYS, LIAM, WE WERE TOTALLY NOT CHILL WHEN YOU SPRUNG THIS ON US.

Sweet Jesus.

And he wasn’t kidding, either. Look at the shiny new artwork.


‘Steal My Girl’ is available for preorder on iTunes now and will be release within the UK and Ireland on Sunday 12th October. You only have to wait until Monday 19th to hear it on le radio! Our bodies are ready.

my body is ready

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