OTRA Tour week one: Watch the mayhem and madness through Vine

Can you believe the first week of OTRA is already over? It’s gone so quick! Since we have a while until our show, naturally we decided to watch the concerts with the rest of the world via Vine. There were so many to watch, but we’ve picked some of our faves from 1Dxclusive clips to share with you beauties.


Oh, Harold. you’re so spontaneous and highly entertaining.

ZAYN! Y U DO DIS?! Is this what heaven looks like?

Guitar playing dyed blonde Irish singers are life.

Nouis makes us feel things. We ship it.

We also ship Narry. Like, how could you not?!


That was a corker. Harry is going to be the best dad ever since he already has his dad jokes nailed.

Awww, how cute. Zayn and an 8 year old on stage together… wait, what?

And here we have Niam (who we also ship) serenading a God.

After almost 5 years and Liam still calls him Barry. We. Are. Done.

Can we just talk about Louis? We feel like we could write a ten page essay on this Vine alone, let alone him in general.

Friendly reminder that this is in fact 2/5 of the biggest boyband on the planet. Fame has completely gone to their head. NAHHHHT.


Dat jump doe.

LILO. (We also ship)

UGH. That’s only one week, we still have… a bunch of them left to go!

we're dead

Phew. We need a lie down and a listen to Fools Gold as we let the tears stream down our face now. What did you think? Have you been to OTRA yet? When’s your tour date? Tweet us @maximumpop and let’s tall all things 1D.

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