OTRA Checklist – Everything you need for your One Direction tour date

There’s less than two weeks until ‘On The Road Again’ starts- eek! No time for messing about, you need to be prepared! Yes, even if your tour date isn’t until October, you can never be too early to start preparing.

We’ve created a checklist for you lovely lot to follow so you’re fully prepared for when you go see the lads on tour. Aren’t we good to you?

1. Tickets


These are pretty vital if you stand any chance of going to see 1 Dizzle on tour. If yours haven’t arrived yet, don’t worry- they can take up to ten days prior to your show to arrive. If they still haven’t by then, call your ticket retailer. Once you do get them, make sure you put them somewhere safe you remember them.

2. Money


Second most important thing. Whether you’re buying food or merch, money is needed! If you’re travelling to a different country to see the boys, make sure you’ve changed into the right currency!

3. Portable phone charger


We don’t even need to suggest that you take your phone, because you probably don’t leave the house without it. Try and get a portable phone charger so you can keep your phone topped up for long enough. We know how quick the pesky iPhone battery runs out, so you’re going to probably need it. We found a good quality one on Amazon right here.

4. Bandanas


Unless you’ve been hibernating in some mysterious place with no wifi, you’ll know all about the Bandana project. If you’re going to take part (and we recommend you do, since even Liam took part last year!)  then you’re going to need a bandana. You can get some cheap ones on eBay or get some funky looking Bandana bows of your 1D ship courtesy of the lovely @BandanaProject. Click here to get them. They’re super cute and affordable. Don’t worry if they don’t ship to your country, just tweet the account and they’ll add it for ya!

5. Tour Project Materials

1D San Siro

Pretty much every tour date is doing a project of some sort. In order to get involved, you’ll need to know what you have to bring. Click here to see what’s going on at your show.

6. Bottled Water*


You’re going to need to stay hydrated. Make sure while you’re queuing that you drink plenty. Most venues let you take one bottle of water with you (so drink lots before hand and keep one for the show) or you could buy a drink at the concert venue.

*Harry Styles not guaranteed 

7. Food

packed lunch

If you’re going to be queuing for a long time, you’re going to need to eat! Take a disposable packed lunch with you as you won’t be able to take it into the venue. If you’re kind, buy multipacks to share with other fans. You never know, you could be at our show and we might be peckish in the queue. We like Twirls and Maryland cookies, thanks.

1d gif

What do you think- should anything else that’s important be on our checklist? Why don’t you tweet us @maximumpop and we can discuss what everyone’s taking with them.

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