10 1D things that happened this year you probably forgot about – get ready to reminisce.

As the year comes to an end, we’ve been thinking about everything our favourite boyband, One Direction, has done this year. They’ve accomplished so many things- a world wide stadium tour, album number 4 named ‘FOUR’, two perfumes, countless awards… but then we started to remember other things that happened that we totally forgot about. Let’s take a trip to memory lane with 10 things our cheeky chaps did throughout 2014.

1. Liam stood on a balcony

Liam Balcony

It made the world freak out and even made front page news! We know he loves Batman, but we didn’t think he’d take the obsession so seriously that he’d copy everything the fictional superhero would do. Get down, Liam, before you end up in Payne! (Sorry, we’re still feeling punny from Christmas cracker jokes.)

2. Niall had his knee operation 

Niall crutches

Every Directioner felt the fear of a mother when Niall said he was having his operation. To save us from panicking, he didn’t tell us when he was actually getting it done. We’ll forgive him, though, as he was only thinking of us, bless him. But we were anxious when he decided to strut his stuff on crutches at The Brits. Someone stop him clowning around before he needs another operation!

3. Harry had a pee problem


Speaking of The Brits, remember when the lads had won an award but nature called at the wrong time for Mr Styles? Us too. Typical Harry, eh?

4. Liam leaked his own nudes… sort of…

Liam dick pic

Liam dick pic fake

Every Liam girl (and the rest of the Goddamn world) freaked out when Liam posted a photo on his Instagram claiming he lost his last pair of shorts. The cheeky beggar blurred his bits out and had the world up in arms.. until he released a second pic where his trunks were on the entire time. You little…

5. God proved his existence when he blessed us with wet 1D

1d wet

God bless Mother Nature, who is also 1D AF, when she opened the skies and blessed us with 5/5 absolutely soaked through while they performed live. If only it had happened at San Siro while they recorded. We would have paid double for that DVD.

6. Niall’s charity match

Niall charity match

Our Irish angel showed the world how big his heart is when he challenged Piers Morgan to a Charity Football Match! The game consisted of Harry being a ballerina, Lilo showing some serious skills, Niall and Piers’ friendly banter and Harry Styles pantsing Piers. Oh, and they raised over £300,000! Nice one, Nialler, you babe.

7. #1DProposal 

1d proposal 2014

Harry Styles made one couple’s dream come true when he responded to hopeful Bradley Chisenhall and helped him propose to the love of his life, Christine Kozlowski. He then met the happy couple and Brad’s sister and even took photos!

8. Harry vomited on the side of a road… then a shrine was put there

Harry vomit shrine

Needless to say, this fandom is just incredible.

9. The boys grabbed their balls in the name of charity

feeling nuts 1d

In honour of testicular cancer research, the lads grabbed their crown jewels to raise awareness of men checking their nether regions. We needed an oxygen tank after this.

10. “I’d Do Niall” – Harry Edward Styles

In a question on tour this year, the 1D boys were asked “if they could be a girl for 24 hours, what would you do?” and Harry came out with this corker of an answer:

Which is basically what everyone was thinking but Harold spoke for us all.

What a year, eh? Makes us even more excited for 2015!

Niall fangirling

What are your favourite “forgotten memories” of 1D this year? Comment below or tweet us @maximumpop. Happy New Year, Directioners!

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