Directioners prove their power with 2015/2016 charity drives for the boys’ birthdays. SLAY.

Never ever ever doubt the power of a Directioner. They can win awards, break world records and even raise money for a good cause.

For the past two years, a group of fans have raised money in honour of the boys’ birthdays to donate to a chosen choice of charity which means something to each member. Zayn, Louis and Harry have already seen the wonderful work the fans have done and have show their gratitude.

This year is no exception and plans are already in place for each charity drive. Let’s have a look what’s in store.

 Liam’s charity drive: Médecins Sans Frontière

Liam x

MSF (or known as Doctors Without Borders in English) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian charity which delivers emergency aid to those who have been affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from health care. It is a non profit, self-governed organisation which was founded in Paris back in 1971. Thousands of health professionals, logistical and administrative staff – most of whom are hired locally – work on programmes in some 70 countries worldwide.

Click here to donate.  You can follow the charity drive on Twitter @1DFansGiveLiam.

Niall’s charity drive: Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland 

Niall Horan

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland provides dogs that are specially trained to provide safety, independence and companionship to children who would otherwise live in a very isolated world.  Having an assistance dog allows the families to be able to take their child to places that they had stopped going to and allows families to partake in simple everyday activities that the rest of us take for granted, such as a simple trip to a local shop, which can be very stressful for a child with autism.

Click here to donate.  You can follow the charity drive on Twitter @1DFansGiveNiall.

Louis’ charity drive: The Eden Dora Trust

Louis Tomlinson

Eden Dora suffers from ABI after Encephalitis which is a rare but serious condition that causes inflammation of the brain. The aim of the charity is to raise awareness of Encephalitis and ABI as well as provide training for adults working with children who have the illness.

Click here to donate.  You can follow the charity drive on Twitter @1DFansGiveLouis.

Zayn’s charity drive: The British Asian Trust 

Zayn x

In 2007 HRH The Prince of Wales founded The British Asian Trust . HRH wanted to do something about the widespread poverty and hardship that he saw in South Asia. He turned to the entrepreneurial spirit of the British Asian diaspora, aiming to link them with innovative social entrepreneurs and grassroots interventions in the region.

Click here to donate. You can follow the charity drive on Twitter @1DFansGiveZayn.

Harry’s charity drive: London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

Harry Styles xo

LLGS is a voluntary organisation with charitable status, whose aim is to provide an information, support and referral service for lesbians, gay men, bisexual and trans people and anyone who needs to consider issues around their sexuality.

The link for the charity drive donations will be up soon, but in the meantime you can follow the charity drive on Twitter @1DFansGiveHarry.

Girl Almighty Charity Drive: Women’s Aid 

one direction 2014

In honour of the 5th anniversary of One Direction, there will be a special charity drive for Women’s Aid and was inspired by the song ‘Girl Almighty’. Women’s Aid is the national domestic violence charity who helps up to 250,000 women and children every year. The charity work to end violence against women and children and support over 350 domestic and sexual violence services across the UK.

Click here to donate. You can follow the charity drive on Twitter @GAFansGive.

There will be lots of auctions and other ways to get involved with the fundraising process this year as well as lots of merch exclusive to the drives, so make sure you follow @1DFansGive and check out their website 

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