1D fanfic ‘Slave Auction’ is soon to be published as a book and we can’t wait!

Lets not lie about this one – we all love a good fanfic right? Who knows how many hours we’ve spent sat glued to our laptop telling ourselves ‘just one more chapter’. Well 16 year old Californian fanfic author, Riley Shasteen has had some pretty exciting news come her way.


Popular story­sharing community,, is to publish Riley’s fanfic ‘Slave Auction’, which is one of the websites most popular stories. It’s being published under the new title of ‘The Last Girl’, and was originally written as a One Direction fanfic, racking up over 80,000 reads and more than 8,00 comments – phewwww!

Riley commented, “I am extremely excited and pleased to be able to share The Last Girl with readers on Amazon. I love the fact that Movellas lets you hear from your viewers. Communicating with my readers, who call themselves “Last Girls”, has been so surreal. I am a huge Directioner and would write this story very late at night in my room surrounded by my 1D posters and life­sized cutouts.”

We are most definitely more than excited to give this a read, and if you’re wondering, our life-sized cutouts of the boys will be joining us for the reading sesh…

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