And the winners are… 13 ’13 Reasons Why’ quotes that will have you moved to tears! WIN! the chance to read the book that started it all

You NEED to read them!

Trigger warning: Please be aware that the following article contains written and visual material that may be triggering to people who have or are sensitive to topics such as, depression, suicide, anxiety and grief.

Jay Asher’s incredible novel, ’13 Reasons Why’ needs no introduction.

After all, by now you guys have probably binge watched Netflix‘s on-screen adaption of the book or at least know someone who has.



That said, nothing quite beats the magic of opening up a freshly printed novel and getting lost in the power of words.

’13 Reasons Why’ is a heartbreaking read and if you ask us a modern classic that’s worth reading over and over again. Just make sure you have tissues on hand when you do, as you’ll be sobbing like crazy at the end of it.

So what’s the story? Well, as most of you probably already know, Jay’s book documents the after-math of Hannah Baker‘s suicide.

The story starts with Clay Jensen discovering a box of tapes on his doorstep. After pressing play, he quickly learns that they were recorded by his classmate and crush, Hannah, and he (alongside, 12 of his peers) are in some way responsible for her death.

Just check out these 13 quotes from the book…

1. Jay really is a MASTER at creating emotion!

2. We told you it was sad

3. OMG…

4. *CRIES*

5. Has anyone got a tissue?

6. We really can’t deal, right now!

7. The book is soooo much more emotional than the TV show

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8. It’s actual turmoil

9. But, such an important read!

10. It’s packed full of wise words

11. Which hit home to ALL of us!

12. See?

13. We bet you want to read it ASAP now

Good news, guys! Maximum Pop! are giving away 10 copies of ’13 Reasons Why’, which means you lovely people can FINALLY read the book that started it all.

Want to enter?

Here’s how you can win a copy of ’13 Reasons Why’

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The competition closes on 16th June. Unfortunately, it’s UK only. Good luck!

This competition is now closed….

Congratulations to our winners.

  • Marillion G.
  • Abigail M.
  • Kayleigh S.
  • Lucy S.
  • Micky B.
  • Eve C.
  • Jodie C.
  • Beverly T.
  • James B.
  • Rebecca S.

Missed out on winning a copy? You can snap up ’13 Reasons Why’ by Jay Asher here.

If you’re affected by any of the issues raised in ’13 Reasons Why’, please visit for a list of UK-based support organisations that can help.

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