12 episodes of Friends that will have you GAGGING for the reunion

So we’re sure you’ve all heard the news… if you haven’t get ready, Friends is coming back for a reunion and we are so bloody excited!anigif_enhanced-19360-1403499318-1

We could have survived without because they are all so flipping good we will never get more of them but this is more than we could have asked for.

Word on the street is that a certain Matthew Perry AKA Chandler Bing wont be partaking in the reunion due to other work commitments.tumblr_inline_ntb6zgtdbJ1tw434a_500

We aren’t going to sugar coat it we are devod, however as long as Ross and his leather pants are making an appearance we are sure we will make it through!

Here’s 12 episodes that have us so excited for the reunion!

1. The one with Ross’ leather pants.b7d018b13943dd055beec4a3d3961f0f

2. The one where Ross is fine. tumblr_m2ie12YJnJ1qjd1y3o7_r1_250

3. The one with Monica’s hair.nU1FGHp

4. The one were Monica is in the prime of lime.giphy (93)

5. The one where Chandler scares Joey with Chick.tumblr_lc9si4jzPG1qdubemo1_500

6. The one where Joey builds a fort.1448622645-1436248900

7. The one where Rachel and Ross get married.giphy (94)

8. The one before Rachel’s nose job. anigif_enhanced-17265-1396050540-1

9. The one where Joanna handcuffs Chandler. tumblr_n8rro5ddnr1sp04fbo4_250

10. The one where Chandler is ignored. giphy (95)

11. The one where Phoebe completely loses it with Pac Man.giphy (96)

12. The one where Phoebe’s smoke alarm wont die.PHOEBE-phoebe-buffay-21455684-500-200

Happy reunion!

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