11 stages of the that come before that Friday feeling!

Less than 24 hours until another Friday (or should that be Fri-yay?) We believe you, you can get through this final push.

1. Thursday night. “It’s Friday tomorrow I can do this.”tumblr_nwxxckuUlC1tmsjh3o1_500

2. Alarm goes off at 6:00am… “FFS I’M DONE, TAKE ME NOW, I HAVE NOTHING LEFT.”tumblr_mdg4zx7ua71qaqu1ro8_r1_250

3. On the train/bus. “The next time I’ll be on this train I’ll be going home.”Raven_yes_smirk

4. 9:10am. “Is it lunch yet, it’s lunch then I’m done.”filing-out-paper-work

5. 9.15am. “Is it lunch yet… oh.”tumblr_nyh6j6j9XB1u7leb2o1_500

6. LUNCHTIME 12:30pm. “I’ve made it, I’m almost there, I can taste the

7. End of lunch 1:00pm. “Oh crap lunch is over, bk to work.”pleated-jeans

8. 1 hour to go. “Everything’s packed I’m ready to go.”anigif_enhanced-29970-1440095706-2

9. 4:49pm. “F*ck it, I’m gone I’m out of here, I’m not staying this minute, I got in early anyway. They can’t say thing, oh if they say anything…”giphy

10. 5:00pm. “Oh time to go, I’m savedddddddd, I’m free, nothing can stop me now!”jusitn-bieber-s-yessss-o

11. 5:31pm. “Oh sod it I missed my train.”damn_girl_psych

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