10 things we all do after a few drinks

So the weekend is fast approaching and all of you MP!er’s out there that are over 18 are probably going to have a few beers this weekend.

So we thought we would give you some comfort in knowing that we all do the same terrible things after a few drinks, so when you wake up on Sunday morning you don’t feel so bad.

For all of you not old enough to have a beer, we envy you and you can use this as a future learning curve of things never to do when the time comes.

1. Mixing them drinks. We all think we can have a few beers and then a shot, as if this week is any different from the last and mixing our drinks will not end up with us on the floor.giphy

2. Dance time. It’s the point of no return now because the Tequila has made us think we’re Beyoncegiphy

3. Table time. The dance floor is never enough, we must get up higher!giphy

4. Outrageously flirting with a stranger. Across the room you see someone staring at you because they fancy a piece of your dance moves. It couldn’t possibly be because you’ve just fallen off a table. You looked flawless…giphy

5. The oopie. When in fact they are standing with their girlfriend/boyfriend and were just ‘admiring’ your fall from the table. You thought you were going home with a stranger but you are about to go home with a black eye…giphy

6. Dutch courage. Now all that’s left to do is text the ex. But first, another Tequila for luck!giphy

7. Text time. One more shot turned into three and you are pretty sure your ex is going to want to get back together. Why wouldn’t they…  you’re so much better than their current squeeze. So you tell them exactly that.giphy

8. Rejection. It’s been a good 45 minutes, they’ve read it. You may not be getting a reply… You don’t care you were only joking anyway.


9. Meat and chips. You’re done, all that’s left to do now is go get some chips and wait for a cab home.anigif_original-13577-1445945650-2

10. Almost but not quite. Getting out the cab, your bed is in sight, you’ve made it home in one piece. But then you watch it happen, you can’t believe it, it almost happens in slow motion. You’re phone’s on the floor…687b972948ee2d69c29ab6950f1a6c5fc56e4de955b7a8584eada508bc733518_1

Have a great weekend, have a beer on us!

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