‘Zootropolis’ is the biggest film in the world for another week and it’s finally out in the UK

Disney’s ‘Zootropolis‘ is continuing to hit the big money in the global box office with a whopping $572M taken so far. That is HUGE! Everyone just seems to be loving it.


If you thought that was impressive, North America has proven to be difficult to beat because ‘Zootropolis’ was #1, again, for the third weekend running and crossed the $200M mark (omg, that’s actually crazy). The film captured the largest three-day opening for a Walt Disney Animation Studio title ever. It even managed to surpass the Disney phenomenon ‘Frozen’ with an incredible $67.4M – now THAT is something to be proud of.

Australia and Brazil also had strong premieres of ‘Zootropolis’ at the weekend while the Ukraine opening was the 2nd highest for a Disney movie ever (animation and live action). The film also continues to perform well in Europe, with a special mention to Germany and Austria as the film still tops the box office in their third week of release following record breaking openings.

Meanwhile, ‘Zootropolis’ has been getting rave reviews from critics as it’s been given a CinemaScore of ‘A’ in the U.S. and also a score of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes (very impressive).


Clearly, this means you all have to go and check it out! Good news, it came out last Friday (March 25th) in UK cinemas. So you can see it today! Let us know what you think at @maximumpop.

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