7 times Zoella was the ultimate fangirl

If you didn’t already know, here at MP! Towers we absolutely love Zoella. And one of the things we love most is that, month on month, she shares with us all the things she’s been loving, whether that be health and beauty related, music or the latest TV series she’s been binge-watching. To be honest, she kinda makes us feel a little bit like this…


So we thought we’d put together a list of all the things Zoella has fangirled over to date, because, lbr, she’s just like us at the heart of it and we love her for being #relatable.

1. She loves Shawn Mendes almost as much as we do


In her ‘April Favourites‘ video last year, Zoella confessed her love for Shawn Mendes and just about everything he does, and we found ourselves nodding along and making agreeable noises just like the dog off the Churchill advert.

2. All of the TV series

Zoe is forever filling us in on the latest TV shows she has become absolutely obsessed with, and we’ve never felt closer to her, honestly. Whether it’s ‘American Horror Story‘ (and Evan Peters), ‘Once Upon a Time‘, or ‘Pretty Little Liars‘, Zoe is very into American television and we love that she’s always given us new recommendations for what to watch next.

3. She’s also pretty partial to British television

If you haven’t heard the words ‘Zoe’ and ‘Broadchurch’ in the same sentence, can you ever really consider yourself a true fan? Zoe definitely didn’t hide the fact she was gripped by the ITV drama ‘Broadchurch’ a few years back. She’s also raved about BBC series like ‘Luther’ and ‘Dr Foster’ too.

4. Books, books, glorious books


Zoe loves books and in turn that makes us love her even more. She seems to particularly enjoy reading YA, so we may or may not be screaming ‘SAME!’ at the screen right now. She’s actually starting up a book club in association with WH Smiths, and we kind of can’t wait. We also have a sneaking suspicion ‘All The Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven may be making an appearance, which is pretty cool considering the author actually fangirled over Zoe fangirling. Fangirl-ception!


5. When she got Adele tickets

Remember in one of Zoe’s vlogs where she got Adele tickets and happy danced with Poppy, Alfie’s sister, in her dining room? And then when she proceeded to go to said concert and documented the whole thing in a 5 minute Snapchat story? Honestly, praise Zoe for stepping up and letting us live vicariously through her, because Adele legit has some serious angelic vocals and we are in love with her. And Zoe, obvs.

6. ‘Harry Potter’, duh!


Aside from the fact she’s admitted to tuning into the Sky ‘Harry Potter’ channel on the reg, we’ve also seen through her copious vlogs at the Warner Brother’s Studios in Leavesden, and when she made the trip to Orlando, that she’s a pretty hardcore fan. The fact that she was an extra in the first and second movie is also definitely something to add to her CV. We love ‘Harry Potter‘ a lot and we’re glad that we share the same happy place as one of our fave YouTubers.

7. And last, but by no means least, One Direction


We’re not even sure how to put this without turning into envy-filled green monsters. Just like basically everyone on this earth, Zoe loves One Direction and hasn’t made any secret of the fact Harry is probs her fave. (Same!) So the fact that she got to meet and interview all five of them… (RIP OT5) Well, we’re going to pretend like we can’t recall how we reacted, because we are sane, normal human beings who receive such information in the usual appropriate way… Right?



We’re not crying, you are. But, for real, how is she so composed? How did she manage to sit in front of the biggest boy band and get Harry and Niall to put multiple marshmallows in their mouths in one go? We can’t even at this point.

So there you have it — Zoella is as big of a fangirl as we are.

Give us a tweet @maximumpop letting us know if you think we’ve missed any other integral fangirl moments from Zoella. Or, you know, we could just fangirl over Zoe Sugg herself!

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