WATCH: Zoella & Sprinkleofglitter explain why it’s okay to be sad – we couldn’t agree more.

We may come across to you as very bubbly and happy, but sometimes we can have our down days and that’s completely okay.

In this episode of Chummy Chatter with Zoe and Louise, the girls talk about being sad and why it’s okay to feel this emotion.


We love this video because it’s so relatable. Whether you’re upset because of a death, break up, friendship loss or anything, it’s okay to let it out. We love how the girls give examples of how to accept the feeling of sadness- we personally love a good shower and sing song before putting PJs one for quality alone time.

The chummies are also real people, too, so it’s great that they used the power of YouTube to help people who may not understand that it is infact okay to experience this emotion. You go, girls! Yet another reason to love them and the YouTube community.

How do you cope with sadness? We’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments- who knows, maybe you’ll be helping someone else.

Cory and Lea

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