Listen up, girls! Zoella’s nerves didn’t stop her from getting a smear test, so neither should yours

In the UK, us ladies aren’t eligible for a smear test (otherwise known as cervical screenings) until we’re twenty-five, so for many of us that ordeal seems a long way off. That’s not to say we shouldn’t talk more about it though. Doing a service for all her fellow ladies out there, Zoella has been incredibly open in her latest vlog about her first smear test, generating the start of a seriously important conversation.


In her latest cluster of vlogs (which we’ve been seriously loving, obvs), Zoella has made a pledge to be more open about what she talks about and not censor herself for fear of criticism. Not so long ago she gave her two cents on hate and how she approaches it — which was amazing, btw!

Now, in her latest vid ‘New Hair & Smear Fear’, Zoella has documented her feelings before and after having her first ever smear test and we honestly have so much respect for her.

Before experiencing her first smear test, Zoe admits that she’s quite nervous, particularly because she doesn’t like getting her bits and bobs out in front of people that aren’t her bf. We feel you there — isn’t everyone a little uncomfortable getting their foofs out in front of a complete stranger? Obvs we get they’re medically trained people who legit see it every day, but it’s still weird…

Zoe also said in her video that it was the waiting that made her particularly anxious. “I don’t really have a fear of the dentist, but I hate waiting for the dentist. My imagination is far too crazy, and so giving me time to think about something that I’m not sure about is never a good situation.”


Despite her nerves though, Zoe emphasised the importance of having a smear test and its huge benefits in the long run for what will only be a few short minutes of possible discomfort and awkwardness.

We also loved the fact Zoe not only urged those ignoring their letter to book their appointment and get it done, but she also compared it to self-pampering. Except, you know, swapping out a manicure for, say, someone taking a gander at your cervix. Honestly, we see no difference.


Post smear test, Zoe concluded it was all perfectly fine and that she personally hadn’t found it painful, although she was sure to add that everyone’s experience are different. Regardless, it’s something we all need to make sure we keep on top of when our time comes even if it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world.

We really appreciate Zoe using her platform to discuss smear tests, especially as its another glaring hole in the education system. We wish you all some serious vagina-luck in the future.

Remember, check yo’self before you wreck yo’self and tweet us @maximumpop with any thoughts/feelings/advice/general words of encouragement for those of us also suffering with smear fear.

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