Zoella Q&A: ‘Girl Online’, going back to basics & the best ice cream in Brighton

Zoe Sugg’s latest in the ‘Girl Online’ series, ‘Going Solo’, has been let loose on the world and we are SO EXCITED to both have you guys be able to hold in yer grubby mitts, but also to bring you this exclusive interview.


Yup. We spoil you. You’re welcome.

You set the ‘Girl Online’ books in Brighton and now we have this fantastic map to guide us around!

©, 2016
©, 2016

What are your top tips for a first-time visitor?

Firstly, the beach, because how can you visit a seaside town without seeing the sea?! And a beach trip is then the perfect excuse for some ice cream so I make sure to stop by Boho Gelato and pick up some Carrot Cake ice cream. A lot of my favourite places feature in the ‘Girl Online’ series.


Why do you think books and reading are so important?

I feel like we can learn so much from books and other people’s imaginations. It’s very easy these days to be looking down at a touch screen and interacting with people across the world in so many different forms of communication but to be submerged in a good story is still one of the best feelings, and there is very little that can compare to the feeling of finishing a good book.

When you started your blog seven years ago, did you expect that it would lead to you being a bestselling author?

When I started writing my blog in 2009 I would never have imagined it would bring me the opportunity to make my teenage dream – to be a published author – come true. Of course, having the blog was a great way to develop my writing skills.


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