ICYMI: Zoella finally uploaded her Q&A video, but did she answer that question on string theory?

Zoella delivered her wonderful half of ‘Sugg Sunday’ last night and it turns out it was the answers to that Q&A hashtag that was making the rounds on the Twitter-sphere a couple of weeks ago. If you’re not entirely sure what made it so unique from any other YouTuber request for nosey questions, trolls basically hijacked the hashtag and riddled it with some interesting questions not usually posed to the fashion and beauty vlogger.


And now, said video has been put up and we were pretty intrigued to find out whether Zoe tackled some of the hard-hitting questions, or settled for the usual ‘What’s your fave colour?’

The trolls that took over the #AskZoella hashtag had some hella intense questions for one of our fave YouTubers. They ranged from her stand on the EU Referendum to string theory. Yikes!

As much as we would have loved to see her sass the pants off of those cheeky tweets, or to have completely blown us — and the trolls — away with her intense knowledge, it turns out Zoe decided to blank them and instead address the questions sent in by her actual devoted fans instead. Fair enough. Tbh, we’re not sure we would be able to stand a long, boring explanation of string theory, anyway — sounds pretty dull if you ask us.

So what questions did Zoe answer in her latest Q&A, and were they anywhere near as important and topical as the EU Referendum?

Finding confidence being social with strangers

As someone who has to network at events, Zoe admits she’s no stranger to this concept. Equally, she is also someone who suffers with anxiety, and so being at social events where she has to network can be pretty darn daunting. She therefore had a lot of tips on how to navigate your way through these kinds of situations, the first being to pamper yourself. Making yourself feel good before a party, interview or other instance in which you’re talking to people you’re not already familiar with, in a location you don’t necessarily know, is something Zoe totally rates. Putting on make-up and your fave outfit is the way to go when striving to feel a bit better about yourself.

Her second tip is to be prepared so that you’re fully engaged in the conversation that’s happening. Having some questions already in your head to ask is a good way to keep the conversation flowing and show that you’re interested in what the other person has to say. That, and getting a friend involved with the conversation (if possible) means everyone is meeting someone new and takes the heat off of you.

Would she like to learn a language and, if so, what one?

Zoe said she wanted to learn both French, which she already has a basic knowledge of, and Italian, because they sound quite nice. Tbf, we wouldn’t disagree with you there.

Does she regret starting a YouTube channel?

Dun, dun, DUNNNN! Nah, it’s all good, guys. She outright said no, which has eased up our rapidly beating hearts. Being a part of YouTube has allowed her ample opportunities and to grow a huge audience of not just people who watch her videos, but who read her books too. Admittedly, there have been times where she’s found things a tad tough, but she said that’s never lead to her thinking she shouldn’t have started in the first place.

She prank called Mark Ferris!

You know our columnist Mark Ferris. Well, Zoe only went and prank called him, fooling him into thinking Nala had run out the door and that Zoe couldn’t find her. And he totally fell for it, bless him.

So okay, no string theory or anything similar, but she did address some pretty serious questions — it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows and we respect her for that. Also, why should she have to prove herself by answering complex things like that? Don’t discredit her for being the #GirlBoss that she is.

What did you think of Zoella’s latest Q&A? Do you think she should have addressed the trolls? Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know. Ngl, we would have loved to see her absolutely slay them.

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