People have had a lot to say about Zoella Lifestyle and we’re not happy

Another day, another instance in which people choose to criticise Zoella for creating something all her subscribers love rather than picking holes in the bigger problems in this world.

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Yep, looks like there are individuals out there who have some kind of issue with Zoe’s new lifestyle range. Namely they don’t think she had anything to do with the creation process. Tbh, we’re going to assume it’s grumpy full grown adults that don’t actually understand YouTubers, therefore feel the need to shed some of their ‘wise’ words on the matter. Ugh, can you just not?

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Honestly, we could not have been more excited when Zoe Sugg announced her next line, branching out beyond Zoella Beauty in the form of her lifestyle products. Anyone with eyes can see the girl clearly knows what looks good in terms of both her clothes and the interior of her home.

We’re all about those copper accents, fairy lights and cosy touches, so we knew we’d be absolutely heart eyes over any homey type products she decided to bring out in the foreseeable future. And we could have not been more right.

With scented candles, room diffusers, ‘naps fix everything’ pillows and cute AF stationery, we’re preparing ourselves to spend a small fortune on Zoella Lifestyle when it hits Boots stores later this month. Ngl, we’re also already counting down the days until Christmas so we can bathe ourselves in gingerbread goodness with her festive range.


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Unfortunately, though, people can’t just be happy for us or the amazing products Zoella is bringing out. Nope, they have to go and spread aimless negativity, assuming that Zoe plays very little part in putting all her ranges together. In fact, some people actually think she literally puts her name on the label and that’s it. Oh hell no.

Zoe took to Twitter to address criticism about her products across both Zoella Beauty and Zoella Lifestyle. She was rightly appalled that people would even begin to think she would be that passive. There was no way, it seems, that she would allow products to be put on shop shelves and sold to us, her doted viewers, without her given approval. And 100% involvement, obvs.

You tell ’em, gurl!

This isn’t the first time Zoe has been criticised for the work she does beyond her YouTube videos. A few months back her book club in association with WHSmith’s came under fire for promoting the wrong messages to ‘impressionable teens’.

However, we’re glad that once again Zoe has stuck up for herself and the clear hard work she and her team put into her various products and campaigns.


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As avid watchers of both her main and vlogging channel, we know how passionate and excited Zoe has always been about the projects she works on. She has, in not so many clips, documented the times when she has become so overcome with her workload she can barely vlog for fear of flashing us top secret business.

We also see her very clear emotional investment in the things she is working on in her genuine squeals of excitement and her struggle to remain tight-lipped and refrain from telling us exactly what’s to come in terms of her brand.

It’s the kind of happiness and pride we don’t think you can make up, tbh. The kind of exhilaration that has her literally clenching her fists. We see it written all over Zoe’s face, time and time again, and we reckon that level of emotion is a difficult thing fake. So, tbh, we trust her wholeheartedly.

And that’s not because we’re young and naive, thank you very much. It’s because we know, in her position, we would be exactly the same. Given half the chance, we would be striving to come up with incredible products we know we could be proud of and that we ourselves would want to use.


What’s more, everything is so painstakingly Zoe, from the colour schemes to the themes of each of her Zoella Beauty lines.

Sure, you could watch a few Zoella vids and probably guess some distinct characteristics of her various ranges, like the fact she’s a fan of rose gold and she’s pretty partial to the festive season. But would we have chosen gingerbread over a more generic cinnamon apple scent? Probs not. Would the attention to detail be present in Sweet Inspirations? Doubtful.

Zoella Beauty has been such a huge success, so to try and take that away from Zoe and discredit the hard work she has put into her line is just rude and unnecessary.

It also seems important to note that more traditional celebrities don’t come nearly as under fire for their various brand endorsements, perfumes and flourishes into the fashion and beauty world. Because, for whatever reason, they’re somehow more trustworthy than YouTubers — YouTubers who literally put their lives on the internet and pride themselves on being like a friend, or a brother or sister to you. Right, ’cause that makes perfect sense.

eye roll blair

That’s why we’ve come to the conclusion that those who criticise YouTubers, specifically Zoe Sugg in this case, simply do not understand them and therefore feel the need to incessantly question their ethics.

We get it. It’s probably difficult to fathom why someone who’s set up a camera in their bedroom and talked at it for half an hour could be so gripping to us lot. Just like we kind of question why angry young men are paid millions to kick a ball around a pitch, versus people actually making a difference in the world like nurses and soldiers.

Of course YouTubers are by no means on the same level as soldiers and nurses. But at least, unlike some celebrities, YouTubers are making a difference and actually supporting organisations and talking about important matters.

Just because you might not understand them yourself doesn’t mean they automatically must be bad people who sit on their arses all day, watching the money role in.

We think Zoe is very committed to all her products, whether they be beauty, lifestyle or her books. But what about you? Leave us a comment below telling us what you think.

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