Zoella gets real about hate and you need to hear it

We’ve already given our two cents on some of the ridic criticism Zoella gets, and now our girl Zoe is out there getting real about the hate herself and other YouTubers receive. Turns out, she’s taking absolutely no sh*t and we’re 100% here for her radiating positivity.

Zoella thumbs up

Zoe Sugg has been vlogging a lot recently and we are absolutely loving it. Better still, she wants to make her videos more honest, showing what her life can be like, the good bits and the bad, and not censor herself so much in what she says. Looks like she’s taking a leaf out of chummy, Louise Pentland’s, book. Yaaaaas!

In her latest vlog she goes into depth about dealing with hate and the fact that it no longer effects her like it once had.

Zoe discusses how she’s all about putting positivity into the world — obvs. We watch your vids, Zoe, and they make us smile all the time. She also said that she only likes to focus on taking that positivity back in. She’s not interested in negativity and giving it the upper-hand in affecting her mood. Hells yeah!

“I’m a strong believer that negativity breeds negativity. If you surround yourself with negativity, you become a negative person.”

We couldn’t agree more with you, Zo and are all about being positive beings.

She continued, “You need to treat people like people.”

This particularly resonated with us, given the horrendous news taking over headlines daily of terrorist attacks dotted all across the world. Our planet can never have too much positivity, so let’s join Zoe in coming together and being good and kind people who spread happy vibes rather than gross mean ones.

Interestingly, Zoe also talks about the meanie bon beanies themselves and how they too are going through hard times and therefore this is the way they choose to deal with their demons — by sending hateful messages to YouTubers.

We’re not entirely sure what sparked this passionate rant from Zoella, but we love her for speaking out on it and sharing her positive approach to life. We were feeling very calm (partly because of that spa music at the end) and happy after finishing the vlog.

What did you think about Zoe’s vlog? Loving how open she’s being as of late? Tweet us @maximumpop.

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