Zoella announced something we’ve all been waiting for and here are 3 ideas we’ve had about it

If you’re huge Zoella fans like we are then you’ll already know  ‘Girl Online 3’ is a thing that is actually, really, physically happening and we haven’t been able to breathe since finding out on Saturday. In fact, we’ve been doing a celebratory jig that pretty much looks something like this…


Ever since the second instalment of ‘Girl Online‘, in which things were left rather open-ended between Penny and Noah, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for our fave best-selling YouTuber to confirm she’s publishing another book with Penguin Random House.

Well, now she has — inserting a quick clip before a vlog celebrating the birthday of Alfie Deyes’ sister Poppy — and we are allowing our minds to freely run wild with all the possibilities of what could potentially happen next.

[Spoilers below]

1. Penny swaps out A Levels for a big shot career as a photographer

If your copy of ‘Girl Online: On Tour’ came from Waterstones, you will have got an exclusive chapter at the end featuring the work experience Penny landed with photographer François-Pierre Nouveau after her photo featured on pop star Leah Brown’s album cover. Perhaps by the time ‘Girl Online 3’ starts, Penny will have graduated from coffee fetcher to fully-fledged photographer, or, you know, at least studio assistant.

2. Girl Online has blown up tenfold

Zoe’s whole career online has flourished over the last few years, reaching some pretty insane milestones. And although Zoe has insisted Penny isn’t her, there are definitely some obvious parallels, so we reckon it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see Penny’s blog ‘Girl Online’ gaining an even bigger following. She was once Noah Flynn’s girlfriend after all.

3. Are Penny and Noah endgame?

Is it Nenny or Poah? Either way, Noah called Penny his forever girl and if that doesn’t scream OTP until the end of time, we don’t know what does. That said, we were over the moon that Zoe made the executive decision to not have these two cuties get back together at the end of the second book. Neither one should have to sacrifice their careers for the other and we are getting some serious #GirlBoss vibes from Penny. Go out there and slay, girl!

Still, we have a sneaking suspicion they’ll be getting back together once they’ve done all they need to do and, once they do, they’ll be the ultimate power couple. No Dean or jealous Megan (although she’s nice now, obvs) can get in their way!

Needless to say we cannot wait. In fact, we’ve already set about fifty reminders in the run-up to the release date of 17th November 2016 on our phones.

Regardless of what happens next in Penny and Noah’s adventures, we know it’s going to be amazing. Let’s face it, everything Zoe does is perfect. Are you excited for the third instalment? Tweet us @maximumpop and roll on cover and title reveal!

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