Throwback Thursday: 12 of the most relatable Zoella GIFs of all time

If it wasn’t already extremely obvious, we bloody love Zoella here at MP!. Tbh, she’s probably our ultimate fave YouTuber, because she’s a pretty fab lady and we enjoy her videos A LOT.

Zoella thumbs up

So we thought it was only right we dedicated one of our Throwback Thursday masterposts to this absolute gem. We love how down to earth she is and the pretty bomb facial expressions she pulls. She is for realsie #Relatable.

You love unicorns, but you’re also HP AF.


When they don’t see your full potential in drama and tell you to be a tree, but you’re like ‘nah, I’m a gazelle’ 


Embracing the fact you’re weird AF like…


When you just can’t even

giphy (1)

Feeling festive AF

giphy (2)


giphy (3)

The guy you’re into walks in and you gotta play it cool like…


When you’re feelin’ yo’ self, so you ask your friend to take a cheeky #ootd Snapchat


You just freakin’ love dem animals


How we all feel about Maths, tbh


The dreaded opening of Snapchat when it’s still on front camera


When you hangry AF, so you turn into Gollum from ‘Lord of the Rings’


See what we mean? She is the certified best.

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