5 films you should watch based on Zoella’s latest recommendation

Ngl, we take Zoella’s recommendations pretty seriously, especially in terms of clothes, and film and TV. We feel like our tastes are one in the same and, lbr, she always looks absolutely fantastic so why would our style icon be anybody else?


Exactly! And in her recent favourites video she only went and talked about ‘Love, Rosie’ — potentially the best film to come out of 2014?! Yuh-huh! So, based on that, we thought we’d give you (and Zoe) some more top-notch film recs to binge.

1. ‘Chalet Girl’ (2011)


Another British comedy just like ‘Love, Rosie’, we reckon you’ll fall face-first-into-snow in love with this one. With Ed Westwick (helloooo, Chuck Bass) and Felicity Jones, the chemistry between the two Brits is undeniable and the story line is pretty cute too.

2. ‘Stuck in Love’ (2012)


Featuring more of Lily Collins’ A+ eyebrow game, ‘Stuck in Love’ is all about how each individual member deals with their broken family.

3. ‘Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List’ (2015)


If you like ‘Shadowhunters’ purely for Matthew Daddario like we do, you’ll love ‘Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List’. It’s a bit of a silly, easy watch, which basically ticks off our movie recquirements.

4. ‘Like Crazy’ (2011)


Another dose of Felicity Jones, this one is a bit of a heart-wrencher, but the cinematography and unique storyline aren’t to be missed. Jennifer Lawrence also makes an appearance in her early days!

5. ‘A Cinderella Story’ (2004)


No list is complete without a bloody good throwback. ‘A Cinderella Story’ used to be our go-to film, now only behind ‘Love, Rosie’ itself. Will we ever not be in love with Austin Ames and that incredible flip phone of Sam’s? Doubt it.

Have you watched any of these? Any recs for Zoella? Tweet us @maximumpop.

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