6 beauty items we hope Zoella will invent sometime soon

Do you know how much we love Zoella? The YouTube Queen has proved herself as not only an online icon, but a product extraordinaire, a professional entrepreneur and just, well, the loveliest lady in all of the land.


So when she started making her own beauty products, we dashed out, grabbed them and then danced round the room smelling like a Tutti Fruity paradise. And oh did we love it.

Now we’ve been having a think over here, and there seems to be some products even our lovely Zoella doesn’t have out yet. Yes, she’s got the gorgeous Bath Latte, the Kissy Missy Lip Balm and the Scrubbing Me Softly body scrub, but does she have a magic eraser to rub off your pesky gone-wrong eyeliner? Or a face mask that you whip off and provides a perfect contour head to toe?

We know, we want it too. (It definitely isn’t just something we wish we could have but is probably impossible to create.)


Here are six that we’re dreaming will come out ASAP:

1. Nail polish that doesn’t chip. Ever.

adele nail

And we mean ever. Not even a cat’s claw could scratch this bad boy off. Night and day, day and night, your nails look sassier than Taylor Swift strutting with her squad.

2.The eye-liner from heaven


This ain’t just any eyeliner – OH NO – this eyeliner has the perfect robotic angle (that’s right, robotic) that WITHOUT FAIL will create a flawless wing every single time. And what’s this? It has an eraser if you somehow manage to mess that up (we somehow would).

3. A magic mask

what james

So, let me explain what the magic mask does. You’re going out on a first date, you want to impress, but you haven’t got time to be faffing around on your way home dilly-dallying with bronzer, blusher, and all that jazz. The magic mask is a face mask – you put it on your face, leave for 10 seconds, and take it off. VOILA! Your face is perfectly made up. Even we started to believe that was real then. Zoella, HELP!

4. Mood-ring lipstick


If your boyfriend says ‘Are you OK babe?’ and you reply ‘Yes, I’m fine’ – oh no you’re not. And your lips will tell him. Red for anger, pink for love, green for envy… we don’t actually know how useful this would be. But damn, we’d look cool.

5. Curlacious hair spray


So you spray it directly onto the hair, and within seconds you’ve got better hair than Link Larkin. So many hours saved. And oh so many curls. SO. MANY. CURLS.

6.The lasting-through-the-ages perfume


We find if we put a spritz of perfume on, it lasts a good few… minutes. What gives?! We want that just-been-sprayed, beautiful scent following us around for years. EVEN AFTER A SHOWER. (but if you start to hate the smell it isn’t our fault.)

Zoella, if you’re listening, just know that we’re on hand. If you want any help creating these, we’ll whip out our potion pot, add a touch of this and that, and VOILA! A whole new range.

(We can’t promise any of it will work, though.)


You can check out Zoella’s incredible range by clicking here.

Got any more ideas you want to see invented? Get at us at @maximumpop – we dare you.

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