Zendaya ‘Replay’ video- Our Top 5 Best Bits

Zendaya has FINALLY premiered the video for debut single ‘Replay’ (which we introduced you to a little while ago) and she has not disappointed.

Before you watch the video, here are the five best bits you need to look out for!

1 Zendaya can dance, and we mean DANCE! Zendaya has obviously picked up some good moves from her Dancing With The Stars and Shake It Up days and is showcasing her best moves in this video. Her back up dancers aren’t too shabby either!

2We’re getting some major hairage from Z! Zendaya changes her hairstyle not once, not twice, but THREE times in this video. Zendaya first sports a straight fringe with a plaited ponytail in the video before ‘shaking it up’ (we’re sorry) to an afro, giving us major Mel B vibes. Then before you know it, she’s changed again! For her final change, she is seen with a simple straight style.

3 And for every different hairstyle… there’s a different outfit! Every major star needs some good costume changes for their music videos and Zendaya is no exception! She’s first seen in a black hooded top and black to-the-knee leggings (very dance class!), for her second costume change, she is seen in a more casual outfit – a black sleeveless top, a leather sleeveless jacket and sequined trousers.

THERE ARE STEREOS PUMPING OUT GLITTER! I think that’s all we need to say about that one really…

5 It’s directed by Colin Tilley! Colin has to be one of our favourite music video directors, working with acts such as JLS, Bieber, Tulisa and new American hottie Austin Mahone on their videos. Zendaya’s up there with the stars already!

Check out the video below and let us know what your five favourite things from the video are!

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