Zendaya’s reaction to meeting Beyoncé proves she’s just like us

Zendaya might be the hottest new star on the planet but she’s still human. She’s still very much like us.


Can you even imagine MEETING Beyoncé let alone starring in her visual album? Well both of those things happened to Zendaya and her reaction was absolutely priceless.


In fact, we’re pretty sure we’d react the same way if we ever met Zendaya OR Beyoncé.

Zendaya’s been speaking to InStyle Magazine about meeting the Lemonade Queen and not only are we jealous, we’re totally entertained. Speaking about her reaction when she was invited to be in the ‘Lemonade’ visual, she said:

“It was literally nuts because anybody who knows me knows that I’ve been obsessed with Beyoncé since birth, been to every single concert that she’s ever had. It’s a true obsession. It was an honor and I freaked out.”


Then came… “the moment” where she actually met Beyoncé face to face.

“When she came and said hi to me … I never lose it that much. I was such a nerd about it.”


Oh Zendaya, we totally get it. We’re geeking out with you in spirit.

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