What we learnt from Zayn’s first ever Periscope – you’re gonna love his new album!

We were just having a lovely Friday, dreaming about the weekend, when we get a notification from Zayn on Twitter. He decided to be spontaneous and make a Periscope to play some cheeky clips from his debut album. SO OF COURSE WE BLOODY WATCHED IT. For those of you who were in school or unable to make it, here’s a breakdown of what happened.


First of all, it took Zayn a few goes to get the Periscope to work. He was talking, but we couldn’t hear anything. He could have told us some really juicy details about the album, but we’ll never know now. DAMN TECHNOLOGY. At one point, it looked like he was rapping but to find out whether it was his own song or just one he’s listening to right now, we’ll have to wait for the album.

The lucky viewers of the Periscope were blessed with some snippets of unheard album tracks, including ‘She’, ‘Drunk’, ‘She Don’t Love Me’ and ‘Wrong’ featuring Kehlani. At first Zayn was hesitant to play the Kehlani track as he wanted to save it, but after the high demand from the ZQUAD, he gave in and gave them what they wanted, including a bit of live singing to the track.

“But Maximum Pop!, we missed the Periscope and want to know how good the songs are!” We hear you, pet, and let us tell you now – it’s sounding good. The songs share the same vibes as the tracks Z has currently released, but each one is sounding bloody marvellous. ‘She’ is more of an upbeat sounding song which praises the girl he sings about *looks at Gigi* and ‘Drunk’ is a bit slower but got dem beats tho.

Overall, Zayn has got us almost wetting ourselves with excitement and there’s only seven days to go!

If you missed out on the Periscope, here are some beaut screenshots of Zayn looking hot AF for you.



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