SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Naughty Boy leaks Zayn/Naughty Boy Demo. WHAT?!

WHAT THE FRIDGE IS GOING ON?! Today hit pandemonium before sunrise with Louis & Naughty Boy battling it out via Twitter and now Naughty lives up to his name by leaking the demo of something he and Zayn worked on. WHAT?!

Let’s back this baby up. It’s not even been a week and Zayn said he wanted to be a normal 22 year old and has said nothing else besides the only interview he gave. Now Naughty Boy is doing stuff like this?! Does Zayn even know? Did he give consent? Is this just for media attention? Is Zayn okay? What will Louis do next? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Whatever has happened, he sounds flawless as per usual.

We’d bet a packet of Wotsits and a Twirl bar that it’s a demo recorded pre-Zayn-leaving.

What are your thoughts? Pissed off? Happy for Zayn? Zouis? Zaughty? Normal 22-year-old? We need to know. @maximumpop is where we are at. Cheers, dears.

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