Is Louis Tomlinson mad over Zayn Malik’s wedding no-show? Hmmm…

@1D_Updates_EU fills us in on all the gossip from the world of One Direction.

More problems for One Direction? I’m sorry but media claiming they have solid sources, are the only problems One Direction have at the minute!

“Is One Direction crumbling before our eyes?” No but your source credibility is!


Of course Louis is going to be upset about Zayn not being there, we all were. They’re all a big family so it’s not that shocking to anyone that Louis or Harry, Liam or Niall would’ve been upset about his no show.

“We understand Louis pain – considering Zayn plans to spend the rest of his life with Perrie, we don’t see why he didn’t spare a few hours of his time.”

Perrie and Zayn both have hectic careers, I doubt that they will get to spend that much time together if they’re always on the road or working.

Spare a few hours? Did you even look into where he was that day? He was camping, with Perrie and some friends/family. What did you want Zayn to do? Jump on a bears back and get a piggy back ride? Now that would be a better article than the ridiculous ones that have been written.

“It’s been revealed that Zayn is feeling really distant from the group too, and insiders are worried it won’t be Harry Styles who leaves the band first, but in fact Zayn!”

Zayn’s feeling distant? Oh wow, I didn’t know you could feel other peoples feelings. Gold star for you and your superpower! Damn!  I had a bet on that it would be Harry that left the band first! Next time I’ll make sure to listen to your “facts”!

“Zayn is feeling really disconnected from the rest of the band and wishes he could spend more time with Perrie,” the source said, “It wouldn’t surprise the lads if he is the first to jump ship.”

If I had you being my source and talking about me and making my fiance out to be a bad person I would jump ship too!

“Now, we’re big  Zerrie fans, but if this is ruining the band like it sounds… maybe it’s time for some compromises?”

Some compromises?

No. What it’s time for is the media and their rubbish sources to take a massive step away from the computers and get a life. The media get most of their information from fan accounts and Tumblrs. Everyone feeds of our lies and rumours and makes it into this massive problem.

How do you feel about this? Do you feel distant too? Comment please!

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