Miley Cyrus, Zayn Malik and Kim Kardashian are ranked as worst role models by parents? Quel Surprise!

With power comes responsibility and that’s exactly what it’s like for pop stars. British parents have taken a survey held out by, asked 2,287 British parents with kids under 10 which celebobs in the pop world they want and don’t want their kids to look up to and we have the results right here.

Mums, dads and legal guardians have show that while they’re perfectly happy having Kate Middleton as the person their children look up to, a whopping 78% don’t want them admiring singer and VMA host Miley Cyrus as their role model, according to the survey.

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More than half of the votes also went to female rapper Nicki Minaj in answer to the question ‘Are there any celebrities you would hate for your children to idolise?’ with selfie queen Kim Kardashian taking 43%, actress Kristen Stewart with 36% and RnB singer Rihanna at 34%. Wowza.

Moving onto male influencers, Kanye West was crowned most unwanted role model with 56% of the votes and Justin Bieber following closely behind with 55%.  Also on the list was Zayn Malik at 41%, Shia LaBeouf with 38% and Joey Essex at 25%.

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Looking at the positive role models, parents were just as outspoken about the celebs they want their kids to look up to.

On the female list, the most popular outcome was Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who scored 34% of the votes with former soap opera star Michelle Keegan trailing closely behind with 32%.

kate middleton

Following Michelle was Taylor Swift collecting 27%, Beyonce carrying 23% and Angelina Jolie at 22%. Well, we can see why!

Moving over to the male list now and taking the crown was Mr Ed Sheeran with 41% of the votes and his best pal, Harry Styles on 26%.

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The list also saw British Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton at 20%, funny man James Corden with 17% and pop star Justin Timberlake on 14%.

How do you feel about the results? Know anyone worse than the above? or someone that deserves to be recognised as role models? Tweet us @maximumpop who you would put on the lists.

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