We don’t mean to alarm you but Zayn could be rejoining One Direction. Here’s 5 reasons why.

We’re not sure whether this is a drill, legit, whether nothing’s going on or whether the biggest shock in pop history is among us but there’s a lot of suspicious clues suggesting that Zayn Malik could be about to rejoin his former One Direction bandmates.

That’s right, ZAYN. COULD. BE. COMING. BACK.


Are we mad? Where’ve we got all this info from? Where’s our mum? Why can’t we breathe? Let’s all just sit down and try to stay calm whilst we explain everything to you.

It all began when we innocently logged onto Twitter to discuss our love for ‘No Control’ and ’18’ being added to the On The Road Again tour setlist when out the corner of our eye, we saw #zayniscomingback trending on Twitter and saw an alarming amount of evidence to suggest that he actually could be coming back. We’ve rounded up the five biggest hints and listed them below for you.

1The official statement about Zayn leaving has been deleted.

We all remember March 25 2015, right? The darkest day on earth. The day that One Direction took to Facebook to announce that our precious Zayn was leaving the band. Well, that statement’s gone. Has it been deleted to try and help us forget the pain? Or has it been retracted because he’ll be back?


2Zayn’s profile is back up on the official One Direction website

After Zayn left the band almost three months ago, his member profile was, obviously, deleted. But now it’s back! Why? Are they hoping to honour his memory (he’s not dead guys) or are they preparing for his big return?

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 21.18.21

3Perrie has hinted that she knows something about a “surprise”

Little Mix band member and Zayn’s fiancee Perrie Edwards has taken to her Google+ account (wait, people use that?) and posted an update about a surprise that Mr. Malik AND One Direction have coming up for us. Looks like that duet will have to wait, Pez.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 21.13.50

Number 4Simon Cowell has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon…

It’s probably The X Factor judges, isn’t it? Never mind.

5Naughty Boy’s been tweeting again. But is this one aimed at Zayn?

Zayn’s bffl and Louis’ nemesis Naughty Boy has tweeted and then deleted something along the lines of…

“After how far I’ve got you, you decide to leave”

So maybe Zayn has decided he misses us One Direction and is going on the road again, or maybe this is all nonsense and Zayn’s just enjoying being a “normal 22 year old lad :)x” Let us know what you think on Twitter.

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