Zayn Malik gets a Perrie Edwards Tattoo. POP BITS

POP BITS. We know that the 1D boys are massive fans of body art. We were even starting to worry that they might run out of body and have to start inking their lovely faces. We also know that Zayn and Perrie or Zerrie (or Payn) are madly in love and one of the cutest pop couples around. We really should have seen this coming, shouldn’t we?

Zayn Malik has done the unthinkable (no, not made a granny cry), he got a tattoo of Perrie on his arm! His bicep is now covered by a drawing of the Little Mix warbler wearing a beanie. We love Perrie too, but you don’t see us permanently marking our bodies with her face! You have a gone a step too far, Zayn.

You can see the pic of Mr. Malik’s new tatt above! We would like to know what Perrie thinks of the whole thing. We’re starting to sound a bit like someone’s grumpy mum, so we are going to shut up now. POP BITS OUT.

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