Myths Busted: Is Zayn really releasing a book all about life in 1D?

There’s a HUGE rumour that Zayn is about to get personal and share the deepest darkest secrets of life in One Direction in the form of a book. Zayn an author? Odd.


The ‘source’ of ALL this info comes from the Mirror and details what Zayn has apparently said in the proposal of his book.

Supposedly the book is called ‘No, I Want To Go In THIS Direction, Actually’ and it’s made Simon Cowell furious.

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Here’s a couple of quotes taken from the article/book that we’re not really convinced on. Let us know what you think @maximumpop on Twitter.

“The time I told my manager that my mum had seen me across the road, but really I crossed it all on my own, without anyone watching and not even that carefully.”

“How we weren’t allowed to have girlfriends, but no one tells me what to do or ties me down, so I got one anyway and then got engaged to her. Rock ’n’ roll!”

“The time Simon sneezed and none of us said, “bless you”.”


Long story short, it’s not happening at all. We’re 99.9% sure it’s just a silly, fun article from a journalist at the Mirror. If we’re wrong, we’ll eat our words and buy everyone an inflatable dolphin.

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