So Zayn Malik is not coming home? We have a few suspicions where he might have gone…

Okay so thanks to a weird tweet from the man himself it looks like Zayn Malik isn’t coming home… Where he is going or has gone we have no idea but we have had a few suspicions we want to share with you.

He could have gone to Richard Brason’s private Island, we know we wouldn’t be coming home if we were there.


He could also be in the same place as Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield, where ever they are…


He could have actually gone to Ibizia to become DJ Malik full time.


Or he could have gone to find the guy from the ‘Night Changes’ video, the one who threw pasta over his head. We would be pretty pissed.

giphy (4)

He could also just be at his friends house. Remember when you used to hide from your parents when they came to pick you up. I’M NOT GOING HOME.

tumblr_ls6yd78pAh1ql0adio1_500He’s gone back to 2007 where pictures were nothing without a filter.


He could have gone and got himself a role in a film and we just won’t recognise him anymore so it’s easier to say he’s not coming home…

a826e7df918102dab9 (1)And maybe we will just never know…


If anyone has any details about Zayn’s whereabouts please tweet @maximumpop 

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