Zayn’s coming to the UK this week and we know the reason why

We’re not gonna lie – we miss Zayn Malik. I mean, we’re obvs SUPER happy that he’s completely head-over-heels in love with our gorg U.S. babe Gigi, and that he’s finally making the music that he’s always wanted to make (even though we all know that 1D will never be the same again *sobs*). But we can’t help but wish he wasn’t ALWAYS away from good old merry England!

Well, good news, Zayn gals. He’ll be back sooner than you think.


That’s right, Zayn is going to be IN THE UK in a matter of days! According to The Media Eye, Mr Malik and Miss Hadid are expected to be landing on this side of the pond for a special guest appearance at London Fashion Week.

Yes, you read correctly. Zayn Malik. London Fashion Week. SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE.



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Will he be attending a particular show? Will he be watching Gigi strut her stuff down the catwalk? Will he be… PERFORMING? All we can do is wait and see, whilst simultaneously trying to control our heavy breathing.

But if there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that none of us can wait a moment longer to see Zayn’s beautifully sculpted face again. And for all the pictures of him in a very well fitted suit.

UPDATE: We’ve now got word that Zayn will be attending the Versus Versace show at 9pm on Saturday 17th September. Gigi and her sister Bella will be walking in the show, and Zayn will be on boyfriend duties, sitting in the front row. Wondering what he’ll wear? Come back after the show to see the pics!

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