Zayn Malik is actually the universe. And we have proof.

Whether a member of 1D or a normal 22 year old boy, Zayn Malik is definitely a work of art (thanks Trisha and Yaser.) So is it really a surprise that there is proof he is as beautiful as the galaxy? Just take a look…

We can totally see it. The sparkle in his eyes, the bits of red from his shirt. Definitely a resemblance.

“Happiness is having natural beauty” – unknown. Zayn must be constantly in a good mood, then!

We have no words for this.   

BRB, can’t breathe.  

Okay but look at his eyes. There are two literal stars in his eyes. Zayn is the universe #Confirmed.


We can’t cope. We need a lie down. Goddammit, Zayn.


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