“I’m only upset because I may have let them down” Read quotes from Zayn’s interview with The Sun you need to know.

It’s a hard week. Zayn has left One Direction and millions of hearts ache in sorrow. Today, an exclusive interview with The Sun has hit shelves all across the country and it’s definitely something fans need to read and take note of – Zayn reveals the truth of everything. We’ve picked out some quotes that you should know if you can’t get a copy of the newspaper…

“You know, I did try to do something that I wasn’t happy doing for a while, for the sake of maybe other people’s happiness and that was mainly the fans.” 

In the interview just six hours after Zayn’s decision, he talks to The Sun about how he has been feeling like he shouldn’t be in the band anymore for a long time but stayed part of it for the fans’ happiness.

“It’s just that I just can’t do it anymore because it’s not real to me.”

Zayn talks about how he no longer feels that the lifestyle of being in the world’s biggest boyband is for him and he feels as though he needed to be happy.

“They couldn’t be more wrong, to be honest.”

Before you panic, there was absolutely no feud in 1D and this wasn’t due to any sort of argument or anything. Zayn still loves the boys and they still love him. This, to us, is definitely good news.

“[Perrie is] Very supportive – a great girl.” 

It looks to us as though Zerrie is still very much a thing. Zayn talks about Perrie being supportive on the decision he made. Perrie was also recently photographed still wearing the ring and smiling, so clearly things are still okay with our OTP.

“I think they’re going to do okay for a while, do you know what I mean? I think they’re going to be cool.”

We know that the entire world have been questioning the future of One Direction, but according to Zayn (and the boys via Twitter) Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry are still very much happy with what they are doing and don’t have any plans on splitting anytime soon. And breathe.

“My band has been really supportive. They’ve been really cool about it.” 

The brotherhood still stands strong between Zayn and the boys (he still refers to them as “my band” and we’re on the verge of tears.) and they understood that this no longer felt real to Zayn anymore. If you love someone, you let them go.

“I really don’t think I can answer that. I don’t know.”

Zayn’s return to 1D is not a definite no, but don’t get your hopes up. He genuinely isn’t sure at this time and that’s something we should definitely all respect. We’d welcome him back with open arms anyday.

“I’m just going to chill man, I’m just going to be me for a while.”

Zayn has been photographed heading to a studio in London and it is confirmed that’s where he was during the interview. Although he went there to work on his music to be shut off from the storm of global media reports, he hasn’t admitted to a solo career.

Interviewer, Dan Wooton, says:

It was Zayn’s decision to pick up the phone and speak to me just a few hours after telling his bandmates he was no longer a member of One Direction. He did so because it is very important to him that the public – especially 1D’s diehard millions of fans – understand the real reasons why he left the band. There was no big fallout. There is no feud with the band. Zayn simply knew he was no longer being true to himself by remaining in a group. At 22, this is the start of an exciting new chapter in his life and hr will express himself in his own way. That will now doubt include his own music that he has been working on for some time. Simon Cowell could have One Direction and Zayn at the top of the charts by the end of the year.”

While we are still very emotional about all of this, we definitely feel a lot better knowing that this is what Zayn wants. If he’s happy, we are happy for him and it doesn’t look like he will shy away from the music industry forever, which is something positive to hold onto.

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