Zayn Malik’s changed his hairstyle once again. But this time he’s dyed it green!

Since he walked away from One Direction in March this year, Zayn Malik already changed his hairstyle once. But has he been spending a little bit too much time with fiancee Perrie and her Little Mix bandmates who are known for dying their hair extreme colours?

If you’re wondering why we’re asking this question and why hair colour has anything to do with the matter then let us explain it in five simple, rather shocking words. HE’S DYED HIS HAIR GREEN.


No, you didn’t read that wrong. El Maliko has actually dyed his hair green. And how was the new broken to us? Through the wonderful medium of Instagram. Thanks Pez!

He’s probably the only person on the planet that can still look mega hot with green hair, isn’t he?

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