Zayn Malik should definitely be topless for every interview he does from now on.

Christmas came early when Zayn popped up on the cover of Fader and did his first solo interview, we’ve only been waiting 7 months.

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The interview covered everything from the breakup with Perrie, why he left the band to his relationship with the 1D lads, but ain’t nobody got time to ready the entire interview, so here’s what we learnt!

Leaving the band – “There was never any room for me to experiment creatively in the band,” Basically every time Zayn wanted to put his own twist on a hook or line, it just didn’t fit the band. Management had the perfect idea of what the band should sound like and Zayn wasn’t 100% behind the music, it simply wasn’t him.

The Zerrie break-up – “I love her a lot, and I always will” Zayn loves Perrie lots and lots, and he DIDN’T break up with her over text, but he’s not telling how it happened.


Relationship with the 1D lads – “He understands that it’s my thing, that I had to do that” Zayn spoke with Liam recently, he was a bit baffled by Zayn leaving but gets it now. They’re going to have a lovely chat together and also Liam wants to work on some solo stuff, how exciting!

The Malik music – “I’m working every day now, but I’m working on music that I enjoy.” Oh yeah, there is some serious music in the works. Zayn is working hella hard to create music he actually likes and would listen to. (Yes, that means he wasn’t really into the 1D music)

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The most important thing we learnt from the interview is that Zayn needs to  be topless, always.


If you want to read the entire interview, click here and don’t forget to tweet us @maximumpop with your thoughts on it.

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