Zayn Malik has had a pop at Naughty Boy on Twitter, claiming they aren’t even friends. Say what?

Zayn Malik gave us a bit of a shock this morning when he had a go at Naughty Boy and claimed that the pair weren’t even friends. Wait, what? What happened to “Zaughty”?

After this video was leaked online of Zayn’s supposed music video (we wonder who did that…) Zayn came online and lost his chill and, as you know, Zayn is a very chilled person.

Zayn shrug


Some Twitter folk are claiming it’s a hack (which is highly likely) others are happy and elated. One thing is for sure we don’t know what’s happening. Zayn, if that is you behind the keyboard calling people fat ain’t cute.

Well, that escalated quickly. We want to cancel today’s plans and just wait for the rest of it to all unfold. How about you? Tweet us your reactions @maximumpop and let’s freak out together.

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