It seems Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris have Bad Blood…

Today Zayn RTed a tweet on Twitter berating Taylor Swift’s approach to Spotify and from there things got heated relatively quickly.

Zayn started off by RTing a relatively harmless tweet, comparing Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus’ approaches to streaming and the money that comes with it.

And right afterwards, he tweeted ‘G statement’, basically letting everyone know he agreed.

Only a few hours later, Calvin Harris replied…

Zayn : CalvinAnd then proceeded to defend his girlfriend Taylor.

During his rant, he yelled at people to stay out his mentions and to stay out of things they don’t understand. Need we remind him that he’s the one that instigated the fight?

Obviously Zayn couldn’t stay mum at Calvin’s tweets and he replied back, making millions of people across the web stare at their computers wide eyed.

And then the worst blow of them all…

And then Zayn went on to say that he writes his own music, furthering his argument of Calvin not understanding the situation he was shading.

Most people haven’t come out of arguments with Zayn Malik alive so of course Calvin did the only thing he could and backtracked incredibly quickly, apologizing to Zayn while the rest of us laughed through our tears.

What do you think about all this then? Opinions over on @maximumpop please babes.

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