THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Zayn is creating a drama series based on One Direction

Post-One Direction, it’s safe to say Zayn Malik has been absolutely killing it. We still have his debut album ‘Mind of Mine’ on repeat and, although his anxiety has meant he’s had to cancel his first two major gigs, we know he’s going to continue to absolutely slay.


After hearing this latest Zayn news, it turns out we were so, so right.

Turns out Zayn is joining forces with ‘Law & Order’ creator Dick Wolf to produce a TV show on NBC called ‘Boys’, based on Zayn’s experiences being a part of One Direction.

‘Boys’ will follow a boy band as it sky-rockets into stardom and looks to feature original music. The series is set to be multi-platform, which we are all about, tbh.

Sooooo, umm, legit sounds like the most amazing thing ever, right?! But who the hell are they going to cast as Harry Styles? We’ve heard the man himself is a pretty good actor, so we reckon he’d be perfect for that long, curly-haired character…

harry styles

Commenting on ‘Boys’ and working alongside Dick Wolf, Zayn made the following statement: “Dick Wolf is a legend. The opportunity to work with him and NBC to create a compelling drama series is awesome.”

The fact that Zayn has talked about it explicitly means it’s an actual thing happening — it’s real and we kind of cannot believe.

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