Zayn Malik to record Bollywood film song? Quelle surprise! Didn’t see that one coming!

So… we’re not entirely sure how true this is but you’ll never guess what? Zayn bloody Malik is only supposedly recording a song for an upcoming Bollywood film!

According to The Mirror El Maliko is  targeted by Bollywood movie bosses to record a blockbuster soundtrack and they’re even offering to pay big bucks for him to sing and act in the film. Ooer!

Producer Ashwin Varde told The Mirror: “One Direction has a huge following among the youth, especially in major cities.

“Zayn Malik is very well-known in that circle and holds tremendous promise if given the right break in a Bollywood film.

“Bollywood has always welcomed actors from the UK, like Katrina Kaif and Amy Jackson. Zayn appeals to an even younger audience, which is the driving force of Bollywood movies today.”

But surely the Bradford Bad Boi said he doesn’t dance? And we can see the music video going a little like this…

Zayn and Louis Bollywood Dancing

Zayn wasn’t the only one offered a role in a film as Mr Harry Styles was offered a lead role not so long ago opposite friend-but-totally-could-have-been-girlfriend Cara Delevingne but turned it down due to too much commitment with some boyband or something.

Do you think Zayn will accept this offer? Or do you think he’s miles too busy with that little project, uh, 1D? Comments down below!

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