Zayn looks so sad in the ‘iT’s YoU’ video. We’re totally not crying

Oh Zayn, you’re all we can think and talk about lately, with the release of ‘Mind of Mine‘, the video for ‘BeFoUr‘ and now the ‘iT’s YoU’ vid.


‘iT’s YoU’ was the second release from the album so it’s nice to finally have a visual to accompany the music, although the lyrics and video are both quite sad. The lovely lady in the video also has a striking resemblance to Perrie and Gigi, reckon Zayn has a type ay?

We wish Zayn would look at us like that.

giphy (56)

Any ideas what is next on Zayn‘s agenda? We’re really trying to keep up with him, next minute he’ll announce a second album due for December. (We’re 100% ok with this, please happen)

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