We need to have a night out with Zayn, the ‘BeFoUr’ video is so casual

So everyone has seen the ‘BeFoUr‘ video and listened to ‘Mind of Mine‘ right? If you haven’t, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!


They’ve both been on repeat all weekend, Zayn is a blessing and we can’t get enough of him. We wanna be his BFFs and after watching the ‘BeFoUr’ vid, we need to. A typical, normal night out with Zayn is THE DREAM

If you STILL haven’t listened to ‘Mind of Mine’, just go away and listen to it, OK? If you have, let us know what your favourite on the album is by taking our poll. We’re quite partial to ‘lUcOzAdE’, ‘sHe’, ‘fOoL fOr YoU’, all of them basically, they’re just so good.


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