The Oscars await! Could it be Zayn vs Harry for Best Actor?

“In the blue corner we have… Harry Styles!”

“In the red corner we have… Zayn Malik!”

Only joking, we don’t want them to fight… Just love each other forever, pls.

These members of One Direction (past and present, duh) are really enjoying doing their own thing, aren’t they?  Of course we loved them together, but it’s so interesting seeing what they’re getting up to now that they’re not so busy with their crazy 1D schedules.  Once they’ve had a big sleep, obvs…

Earlier this year, we saw Harry Styles’ gorgeous face in the trailer for ‘Dunkirk’ which is set to be released in 2017.  Check out the first teaser below.

It just looks so exciting – and not just because it’s an epic war film. Have you seen Harry in that costume?! Mmm…

Well, it turns out Harry’s not the only one setting his sights on a career in Hollywood. Zayn’s been announced as executive producer for a new show about boybands on NBC.  Fancy title, huh?!  ‘The Sun’ spoke to a “source” close to Zayn on the subject.

“Zayn has started talks with his fellow producers about him appearing in a couple of episodes of ‘Boys.’

He is really keen to kick off his acting career and sees this as the perfect opportunity to do so, especially as he will have a lot of creative control.

However the discussions are still ongoing and there is still a chance he may just play himself in the show. Either way he is taking his role as exec producer very seriously and sees this as a big stepping stone to working more on TV and film in the future.”

We just can’t really keep it in.  Give us this show now!

Who’s going to be the better actor, Zayn or Harry? Let us know your thoughts below!

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